Integrated solutions for the smoke removal, natural ventilation and lighting

A new direction the company is the installation of natural smoke (smoke vent hatches, skylights, luminous band with a smoke vent doors). We cooperate with such international brands in the field of natural smoke exhaust as: Essmann, Mercor, Primalux. These companies offer a comprehensive solution for smoke removal, natural ventilation and lighting. Read more

Manufacture of electrical work of any complexity

Manufacture of electrical work performed by qualified personnel at a high technical level with the use of modern technologies and tools (LLC Elektrostandart). After performing electrical work are issued to all legal documents for commissioning, and warranty for 1 year. Read more

Wholesale and completion of construction projects electrical equipment

Wholesale and completion of construction projects Electrical Equipment (LLC Electrostandart-2000). Working closely with manufacturers and suppliers, we offer a wide range of cables and wires for electrical equipment of electro products, measuring tools, as well as the entire range of barrier and signal feeds. Read more

We invite you to a lasting and mutually beneficial cooperation

Group of Companies "Eleсtrostandart" (Russia, Voronezh) consider the possibility of cooperation with German colleagues to collect diesel generators, as well as a joint venture in this direction in Russia. Read more



Наша компания представляет на Российском рынке широкий спектр высококачественного электрооборудования и средств промышленной автоматизации, отвечающих требованиям мировых стандартов.

Мы являемся официальным поставщиком и партнером Alfra, Schneider Electric, Eaton ИБП, Eaton, Moeller, а так же поставляем продукцию ведущих мировых производителей: ABB, Siemens, Legrand, Weidmuller, Phoenix Contact, Pfannenberg, Helukabel, Legrand.

Одно из направлений нашей деятельности — поставка бензиновых, газовых, дизельных генераторных установок любого назначения. Мы предлагаем бытовые и промышленные дизель-генераторы, миниэлектростанции, дизельгенераторы, передвижные электростанции, электроагрегаты различной мощности и класса. У нас вы сможете преобрести дизельный генератор и электростанции ведущих мировых брендов, таких как SDMO, FG Wilson, Gesan


Мы предлагаем продукцию следующих производителей:

Автоматические выключатели, климат-контроль, устройства управления и контроля
Продукция Helukabel ИБП Eaton Продукция Legrand


Инструменты, клеммы, разъемы, маркировка, кабельная проводка


Электростанции, бензиновые и дизельные генераторы



Хотите приобрести продукцию по выгодной цене?

Направляйте ваш заказ на email: , тел:. +7 (495) 926-47-94

The group of companies ”Electrostandart” works successfully at the market of the electrotechnical production and electrotechnical works with 1997 and is an official partner of companies:

Moeller, Siemens, Schneider-Electric, ABB, Hensel, Dexa, NPO “Protect”, OOO “Chuwashteplokabel”, Eaton, Legrand, Jung, Pfannenberg, Puk, DEHN, General Electric, EKF, Rittal, Gesan, FGWilson, ВЭТЗ-Energosystemi, Steinhauer, ALFRA, THORN.

The company has three independent and equivalent directions:

1. The skilled specialists realize the production of electroassembly works on the high technical level with the application of modern technologies and instruments (OOO “Electrostandard”). All normative documents protrude after the implementation of electroassembly works and the guarantee in the flow of a year is ready. The specialists of our company realize works on dwelling and educational objects, shops, shopping centres, objects of industrial fixing, objects of architectural scenery lighting.There is a licence № GS-1-36-02-27-0-3662068398-002591-2 about implementation of works.

2. The new direction of the company is the assembling of systems of natural smoke removal (smoke remote hatches, zenithal lamps, light stripes with smoke remote leafs). We co-operate with outer companies in the sphere of natural smoke removal Essmann, Mercor, Primalux. These companies propose the complex decision in the sphere of smoke removal, natural ventilation and illumination.We have a licence № 2/21421 from the 2. of October 2007 of the ministry of the Russian Federation about businesses of a civil defence, extraordinary situations and liquidation of consequences of natural calamities.

3. The wholesale and acquisition of constructional objects with an electrotechnical equipment (OOO “Electrostandard- 2000” ). We co-operate with producers and suppliers and propose a wide range of the cableconductor production, the electrical equipment, electrolighting goods, means of measuring and also all range of fence and signal tapes (signal tape).

The group of companies "Electrostandart" (Russia, Voronezh) will consider possibility of cooperation with German colleagues on gathering of diesel engines-generators, and as to joint venture creation in the given direction in territory of the Russian Federation.

The collective of group of companies "Electrostandards" wishes you successes and invites to long-term and mutually advantageous cooperation.


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